Poolhouse Renovations

Poolhouse Renovations

Vancouver, B.C.   2006   (unbuilt)

The Marpole Oakridge Community Centre PoolHouse is an existing 1700 square foot, single storey building located south of the Marpole Oakridge Community Centre in Vancouver. It was formerly used as changerooms for an outdoor pool, and currently sits empty. The renovations would create an 1100 square foot community multipurpose pavillion complete with fireplace, accessible washrooms, kitchenette, storage, and structural, mechanical, electrical, and code upgrades. Taking a cue from it’s former use, the PoolHouse is playfully organized using a series of pool lines inscribed in the concrete floor with watery blue mosiac tiles. These connect inside and out as they extend onto the new covered south patio, and into the meadow as lines of blue camas lilies.

Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

consultant team:
Fast + Epp Structural Engineers

Sustainable Work Stations,<br>World Wildlife Fund

Sustainable Work Stations,
World Wildlife Fund

Vancouver, B.C.   2005

The design of the office workstations embody WWF’s broad ranging ideas on sustainability, including regionally sourced materials, and using modular and demountable elements that allow for future flexibility. Regional wood and plant products are featured, including recycled fir, cedar, and strawboard.